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We transport goods by vessel, plane, train, truck

or any combination. For your liquid products, we ensure a flawless flow. Take a look at our services:

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Ocean freight

Ocean freight is the core of the GSS Logistics services. We have unique partnerships in place with all global and local carriers. Additionally, we provide full reporting services and shipment follow-up.

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Air freight

We offer 24/7 airport-to-door, door-to-door and door-to-airport services. For airport-to-airport we rely on the fastest and most qualitative possible airfreight solutions, offering both express and BXO services. If safety precautions are desired, an on board courier (OBC) and aircraft on ground (AOG) solution can be arranged. For chartering, we propose both full- and part-charter services.

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Road Transport

In Jordan, we have over 50 experts, delivering your products by truck to their destinations. Globally we are able to offer solutions for all transport modes: conventional, bulk, container and multimodal.

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With our extensive network and a dedicated team of experts, we specialize in providing transportation solutions for all types of commodities across global waterways and ports. Whether your business deals with bulk shipments, break-bulk cargo, exceptional pieces, containers, or pallets, we have the capability and expertise to meet your shipping needs.

Our company is committed to delivering efficient and reliable transportation solutions that ensure your goods reach their destination promptly and in optimal condition. We understand the complexities of international trade and strive to simplify the shipping process for our clients.

By leveraging our vast network, we guarantee access to key waterways and ports worldwide, allowing us to facilitate seamless transportation of goods across various regions. Our team of experienced professionals works diligently to optimize logistical routes and streamline operations, ensuring cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or timeliness.

Fast Customs

Our well-skilled Fast Customs team has more than 10 years of expertise. They provide consultancy to set up your customs flow as smooth and cost efficiently as possible, and besides import, export, transit handling, we also organize fiscal representation, inspections, cargo checks, surveys, etc.

Full Service Solutions

In-House Customs

Our different offices work with dedicated external or internal licensed customs brokers, who handle all customs files efficiently and expertly. We provide consultancy to set up your customs flow as smooth and cost efficiently as possible, and besides import, export, transit handling, we also organize inspections, cargo checks, surveys, etc.

Storage & Warehousing

we specialize in working with various internal and external partners. As a neutral party, we provide valuable advice and guidance to our clients regarding storage and warehousing facilities.

Our extensive experience in this field allows us to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. We understand the importance of efficient storage and warehousing operations in today's competitive business landscape, and we are committed to helping our clients optimize their logistics processes.


We have two different ways of handling (re)packing. Firstly, we handle chemicals, oils and lubricants from bulk to packed and from packed to bulk. Secondly, we take care of projects and industrial packing as well. With great experience in breakbulk and OOG (out of gauge), mostly for the oil industry.

Stuffing & Stripping of Containers

We offer dedicated warehouses for stuffing steel products. As an independent party, we have the advantage of arranging competitive deals with warehouse providers.

Loading & unloading of vessels

Through our Network or other terminal handling companies, we can organize the loading and unloading of vessels.


Our in-house and third party experts make sure you are informed at all times about the quality of your incoming and outgoing cargo.


On request, we will arrange cargo insurance for our customers.

Time Critical Services

GSS can offer time-critical deliveries for aerospace/AOG (aircraft on ground) and other time-critical industries, including on-board carrier and hand carriage if required.

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