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Next to logistics, our focus and expertise lies in your product and commodity.

  • Fast moving consumer goods


    We consistently guarantee the best solutions in logistics by a specific deadline, including packing and co-packing services.

  • Fast moving consumer goods

    Household, Decoration & Toys

    Import flows mainly originate from the Far East and Eastern European countries. Thanks to our local partnerships and integrated IT system, we guarantee smooth processing and a fast release in any import country.

  • Fast moving consumer goods


    Textile and clothing sector in the Kingdom. As one of the oldest commercial industries with a rich history, it holds a strong presence in the local market.

    At our company, we are committed to delivering exceptional service in the textile sector. We recognize the importance of meeting the evolving needs of the market and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction in all aspects, from scheduling to organizing, packing, and unpacking.

  • Forest

    Wood & Wood Pulp

    We offer the complete logistics chain from tree to wood pulp. This includes transport, stuffing, sea freight, documentation and delivery to the destination.

  • Forest


    We transport your conventional or containerised paper, and work for the packaging and printing industry, as well as many other applications.

  • Industrial Products

    Ferro & Non-ferro

    With over half a million metric tons of steel handled in 2022, we are a market leader in steel logistics. We take care of your goods' transit from & to anywhere by road, barge, or a combination. We ship and receive in break-bulk and container.

  • Industrial Products


    We organise the full logistics flow: covering pre-carriages, sea freight and document handling, for hazardous and non-hazardous goods. GSS Logistics is an expert in offering smart solutions to meet both local and global needs.

  • Industrial Products


    We have more than 3 years of experience in the management of both import and export flows of building and automotive glass. We take care of the coordination and assist you with your projects.

  • Industrial Products

    Oils & Lubricants

    We have worldwide service hubs at all main chemical clusters, where our partners takes care of your logistics with a specific expertise in flexi tanks, ISO tanks and packaging.

  • Industrial Products

    Project Cargo

    As an example, we transport windmill parts internationally, which includes the pick-up in factories overseas, sea transport, on-carriage and delivery to the production line. Any oversized or special cargo can be moved by our expert team.

  • Agricultural Products


    Both ambient and temperature-controlled foodstuffs are handled by our specialized team. We have storage facilities available inside and outside the Kingdom.

  • Agricultural Products


    We specialize in shipping large quantities of sugar to customers across various regions including Indonesia, Malaysia, Indochina, and South China.

  • Agricultural Products


    We work for several large fertilizer Importer and traders, Collecting their products from all over the world. We enjoy perfect accessibility through roads and waterways to get your product in the fastest ways.

  • Agricultural Products


    Thanks to our many years of experience working for the mining industry, we are able to guarantee our clients the best logistics solutions.

What do you want to ship?

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