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01 - GSS Logistics

Different approach,
creative thinking

With a strong local knowledge, we are eager to manage your logistics in a globalised world. Adding unique value to the supply chain, your cargo is in the best hands. Our aim is to always be two steps ahead in thinking of solutions. Anticipating the right questions at the right time. At your service. A challenging, powerful team by your side.

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02 - Our Expertise


Decades of experience, combined with fresh insights, result in the thorough knowledge of different industries. We are dedicated to handling your cargo as efficiently as possible.


03 - Personalised Transportation

04 - Locations

The world at your fingertips

Our teams and partners around the world are dedicated to answering your logistic needs. As part of the Euroports Group, group assets can support our solutions, add financial stability and flexibility, all to your benefit.

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Our locations

05 - People of Georgia-ss

Everything for the team!

We highly value every employee’s wellbeing and therefore continuously invest in a sound and stable community. Sharing our passion amongst like-minded people enforces our team every day.

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06 - We do things differently


Our staff is equipped with business know-how and offers an expert approach. We provide personalised advice and tailor-made concepts in response to your most challenging requests. No vague outcome, but specific and goal-oriented implementations.

Innovation & Technology

What are your logistics challenges? How will our tech environment look in a few years? How do we exchange data? Have you thought about these questions? We are keen to challenge, learn and offer practical solutions.


Over the years, we have worked hard to acquire the knowledge we possess today. Shipping liquids in flexitanks, ISO tanks and packed formats has been our speciality for over 30 years. We manage liquids from production to customer, and know all the ins and outs. Nothing is impossible when you work with us.

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